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    KARU Black (β-Titanium)
    Overview "KARU" is centered on Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, etc.These are small glasses in Vivid colors that originated in Europe.The material of the 'KARU' model is as follows.- Front: β-Titanium- Nose column: Stainless Steel- Temple: Wood (Indonesian ebony) / Acetate
    KARU does not proceed with welding by parts.It's made by cutting a plate of beta-titanium with a barrel.It is a model that has a different manufacturing technology and process from a regular metal frame.Beta titanium is a non-weldable material, so when you attach it, Front primary lower extremity plating is required.I'll put the bottom layer on the beta titanium plate and put it on top of it.It is a work method of welding.Beta-titanium (β-Titanium) is a combination of fighter jets, spacecraft, etc.It is light and hard enough to be used in aerospace structures.It is known to be the strongest among titanium alloys.Elasticity and resilience are also very good.The disadvantage of having a lot of advantages as a spectacle frame is...It's not that easy to deal with.

    Sagawa Fujii's unique wooden temple is It's 100% hand-crafted, and the rough side... It works on cotton that makes it soft and shiny.During wear, repeated policing operationsIt's a more luxurious and natural wooden temple.You can maintain your value.
    Colors: Black, Brown, Red, Navy
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    Meticulously handcrafted wooden eyeglasses, each made with care from carefully selected high-quality wood. Wood, the material closest to human beings. We aim to share the passage of time and memories without being influenced by trends, age, or time. Introduced in 2006 as a house brand that initially used wood as its primary material. Utilizing experience gained from working with wooden furniture and handmade leather crafting, we applied the unique texture and feel of leather to acetate eyeglass frames, giving birth to Sagawafujii's WOODEN TEXTURE FRAME.

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